We tell timeless stories from across Southeast Asia.

Our Grandfather Story is a digital video publisher that documents, curates and retells authentic stories.

Since 2017, we’ve journeyed across Singapore and beyond to uncover everything from the origins of local childhood treats to no-holds-barred conversations with persons with disabilities — and we’ve barely scratched the surface.

Treading the thin line between old and new, between classic and contemporary, we present overlooked narratives that are timeless, nostalgic, and yet able to spark a sense of delight.

Come Hear Our Grandfather Story.


Kai Yuan

Kai Yuan loves to eat. Kai Yuan also brings in the dough to feed the rest of the ever-hungry team. Kai Yuan works very hard. Be like Kai Yuan.


She has a big heart, and appreciates the small things in life. Carine's keen eye for detail makes her a good gatekeeper of our 💰💰💰 too. 


In charge of coming up with new content, Matthew is the team’s de facto film curator. There’s always a camera in his oversized bag.


Wenqi enjoys deep conversations and solving people problems. Basically, she’s super kaypoh. An important trait, since she's in charge of our happiness.


Amrit loves discovering stories and finding refreshing ways to tell them. She takes pride in helping the team bring their tales to life.


Apart from looking for like-minded partners to work together, Kaiyan is also our (self-declared) uncle charmer. Will work for food, wine and more wine.


An alien frolicking in the clouds ☁️
Nelia enjoys bringing the stories of seemingly ordinary folks to life with a touch of cinematic sugar and spice.

Jia Hui

Jia Hui loves to dream of the food in the videos she edits 🍚🍔🍜 She's usually the first to shout for lunch. Please feed her more. 


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